A few words regarding the CFA Level I

Currently, I've been studying for the CFA. While the material, at least for Level I, is not hard to grasp, the sheer breadth of topics is daunting. It seems as though if you put in the time you'll grasp it. The trick is for you to 1) forget your social life, 2) Get comfy with your calculator, 3) Do all EOCs, Blue Boxes, QBank questions over and over again (there is no point only reading...). For the past month and half in which I went through the first reading, I have not been able to enjoy a day out (and I don't see myself relaxing anytime before December). Well, I guess this is what they call delayed gratification.

While I don't intend to inundate you with obscure trivia from the CFAI curriculum, I hope after I sit for the exam in December, I'll have the chance to write a few R scripts for the topics I found interesting like portfolio management, equity, and FI. Till then though, I guess I'll be writing about whatever catches my fancy.

On an aside, It seems this blog is in the nether reaches of the interwebz. So, if you are a human reading this: HELLO!

PS: Some weekend I'll sit down and finish the first series of R posts I intended to do. 

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