CV/Resume LaTeX Template

The first script I compiled when I first began LaTeX was a CV/Resume. Probably because of the Ego. Yet it was a learning experience for the sole fact that when it came to my CV, I was quite exacting in my specification and this required me to learn new functions. Here is a modified "fun" copy of my CV for those interested. Nothing special.

This template was based on Laura Taalman's CV Template. I condensed my version more than Laura's template. There is also numerous other academic LaTeX template hosted at the link.

Rensselaer Career Development Center also hosts numerous resume templates.
Here is the compiled copy.

The script is below.





{\Large Mohamed~A.~Elgeneidy} \\[.5pc]
%(+20) 10.6663.9119 $\;$ elgeneidy\verb|@|gmail.com $\;$ Cairo, Egypt \\[3.5pc]
elgeneidy\verb|@|gmail.com \\ Cairo, Egypt \\[1.5pc]
{\large \bf Objective} \\*[-.8pc]
\underline{\hspace{6.65in}} \\
To collaborate and work within a dynamic team to drive social innovation and transformation in various fields including education, health, environment and enterprise development.\\
{\large \bf Education} \\*[-.8pc]
\underline{\hspace{6.65in}} \\
{\bf Bachelor of Science in Economics}\hfill \textit{2009-05}\\
Georgia Institute of Technology \\[0.5pc]
{\large \bf Experience} \\*[-.8pc]
\underline{\hspace{6.65in}} \\
{\bf Senior Officer},
{\bf Awesome Inc} \hfill {\it 2010-01/present\/} \\
Being Laid Back.
%\item{Study and collection of data to determine standard and actual food cost processing including raw material purchases, inventory and output}
\item{Professional PES 2012 Player. Team of Choice: Bayern/Atletico}
\item{Gran Turismo Professional}
\item{Using Big Words Like Esoteric}
\item{Leading inter--departmental team to streamline recreation}
\end{itemize}      \\
{\bf Principal},
{\bf AMG--Quanticks} \hfill {\it 2010-01/2011-05\/} \\
Entrepreneurial venture for the advancement of market data delivery systems and
statistical analysis of equity markets in the MENA region. Project: Streaming server
for NASDAQ--OMX trading engine (EGX) to deliver real-time trading,
quotes and depth with algorithmic indices to client subscribers. \\
(Windows x64, MS Visual C++ 2008)\\*[0.1pc]
%\item{Developing low-latency market data server; designed to read once, feed a real-time queue and process the feed}
%\item{Building Level II book}
%\item{Exploring viability of microstructure models for equities listed on EGX}
%\item{Marketing \& business strategy}
\end{itemize}  \\
{\bf Research Assistant},
{\bf Georgia Tech School of Industrial Engineering} \hfill {\it 2009-01/2009-12\/} \\
Bayesian multivariate extreme value thresholding; Environmental Risk Analysis\\
{\bf Outreach Worker},
{\bf The Salvation Army Katrina Aid Today} \hfill {\it 2007-02/2007-12\/} \\

{\large \bf Skills} \\*[-.8pc]
\underline{\hspace{6.65in}} \\
{\bf Professional Skills}
%\smaller\item[OS] MS Windows NT, XP, 7 %{\setlength\itemindent{25pt}
%\item[Software] Eclipse IDE, SQL, MS/Open Office
%\item[Scripting] R, \LaTeX, HTML
  % after \\: \hline or \cline{col1-col2} \cline{col3-col4} ...
%   & Good & Very Good & Excellent \\
%   \hline
  \bf{OS} & MS Windows NT, XP, 7\\
  \bf{Software} & SQL, MS Office Suite \\
%  \bf{Programming} & C \\
  \bf{Scripting} & R, LaTeX, HTML \\
{\bf Language}\\
{\large \bf Miscellaneous} \\*[-.8pc]
\underline{\hspace{6.65in}} \\*[-1.5pc]
\item[Activities] M\&M Mentoring Program (Mentor), Women's Leadership Conference, Economics Club, Organ Transplant \& Donation Initiative (OTDI)
\item[Honors] Dean's List (5x), OMED Towers Award (3x), Babcock \& Wilcox Scholarship, HOPE Scholarship
%\item[Technical Interests] Financial Econometrics, Data Structures

\item[Place of Birth] Cairo, Egypt
\item[Marital Status] Single
\item[Military Status] Postponed
References available upon request


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